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To vs. Too vs. Two

To, too, and two are very distinct, different words, yet they seem confusing to many. To: “To” is a very simple word, used in a variety of contexts in a sentence. It can be a preposition, e.g., I went to the market, Hold on to me, I ate to my heart’s content, etc. It can […]


When it comes to writing papers, it is important to always consider your audience. You may have even heard your teachers say this! What exactly do we mean by “audience”? Well, your audience is basically anyone who is reading your paper. If you send your paper to your teacher, then your teacher is your “audience.” […]

What is a “thesis statement”?

Have you heard your teacher ever talk about the “thesis statement” of your paper? He or she is simply referring to the main point of your paper or the main argument: what are trying to say in your writing? Remember that many of your writing assignments might require you to argue something and then support […]