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Writing and Grammar Tips (beta)

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Ah – The importance of Word Choice

Good word choice is imperative. It can elevate your writing to a new level or make your writing seem more simplistic. At the worst, poor word choice can even make your writing seem comical, as in our example originally printed in Tulsa World on May 11, 2007.

An editor’s tip for effectively editing your own work

We all want to present our best work whenever we present that work to an audience, not matter what that work is. If it is the written word, we want it to be free from errors, e.g., grammatical errors, misspellings, and typographical errors. Quite honestly, no one is a good editor of their own writing. […]

Subject-Verb Agreement: Not So Simple

The subject-verb agreement in a sentence seems simple on the surface, but this concept can trip up even those who should seemingly know better. Recently, I witnessed a thread on a popular social media platform. A friend of mind posted something similar to the following (the actual post and responses have been changed to protect […]