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Internet vs. Books

You may ask yourself: if the Internet has everything I need to help me write my paper, why do I have to use books at all? Isn’t all the important information online by now? Well the simple answer is this: the Internet does have a lot of information, but much of it is NEW information. Think about the fact that humans have been writing things down for thousands and thousands of years…in so many different languages! So, naturally, not all of this is online. However, quite a lot of it is found in libraries, archives, or in academic journals. To take your writing to the next level, remember to use all the resources available to you, not just the internet; you may even want to use movies, songs, poems, or photos if the situation permits. Sure, the Internet can give you quick and easy answers, but if you want to be even more in-depth, take a visit to the library.

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