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MLA stands for “Modern Language Association.” When your teacher asks you to write a paper using MLA format, it means that you have to follow certain rules established by this writing association. For the most part, you have to follow a certain format in order to ensure that your paper and citation styles are consistent all the way through. MLA format is used mostly by humanities and arts classes, like English, history, and other liberal arts. So if you have to write a paper for one of these classes, you will be asked to use MLA. If you don’t know how to use MLA, you can take a look at MLA’s own website, mla.org, or you can refer to the Purdue University Online Writing Lab- this website has examples of how to cite all different sources in MLA format. That way, you can see exactly how you should cite your source, whether it is a journal article, a book, a website, an interview, or even a movie!

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