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Contractions in Writing: When to Use Them and When to Avoid Them

Contractions are quite commonplace in today’s spoken and written English. A contraction is the combination of two words into a shortened form with the omission of some internal letters and the use of an apostrophe. For example, “I’ve” is the contraction for “I have.” As you can see, the “h” and “a” have been omitted […]

Articles in English: “The,” “A,” and “An”

An article is a word that comes before a noun as a determiner. In the English language, the article indicates the definitiveness of a noun. The English language uses the following three articles: “the,” “a,” and “an.” These articles can be categorized into two types: definite articles (“the”) and indefinite articles (“a/an”). Definite articles (i.e., […]

“A” versus “An”

“A” and “an” are indefinite articles used in the English language, whereas “the” is the only definite article used in the English language. To learn about proper overall article usage, see the blog post entitled Articles in English: “The,” “A,” and “An.” As a brief recap of indefinite article use in English, you use “a” […]