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Commas vs. Semicolons in Compound Sentences

To start with, let us understand what makes a compound sentence. A sentence is called a compound sentence when two independent clauses are linked together in some form to make one complete sentence. Examples: We are inviting the Marshalls home. We want them to have lunch with us. The above two sentences can be linked […]

Using Commas

Commas are one of the most widely used punctuation marks in written English. While some basic rules of comma usage may be rigid, there are contexts in a sentence when using a comma could be optional. Commas, nevertheless, are known to offer clarity to a sentence and therefore, must be used wherever appropriate. Here is […]

Verb Tenses

Verb Tenses

Verb is one of the most important parts of a sentence. It conveys the action part of a sentence – come, go, sit, stand, dance, write, read, run, climb etc. Tense is the form with which the verb must be presented in a sentence.