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The Dreaded Comma Splice!

Ah, the comma splice… This grammar blunder struck fear in the deepest recesses of my heart in my high school English days and continues to make me shudder just a bit when I see one to this day. I can attribute this somewhat irrational fear of comma splices to my sophomore AP English teacher, Shirley […]

“Mostly Dead” – Gradable vs. Non-Gradable Adjectives

In one of my all-time favorite movies, The Princess Bride, there is a scene where the main character Wesley, after having been tortured by the evil prince’s henchman, is brought to Miracle Max in order to be restored. Wesley’s companion Inigo thinks that Wesley is dead, but Miracle Max, the wise old man he is, […]

Affect vs. Effect

Affect vs. Effect The easiest way to remember the difference between affect and effect really depends on your learning style. I’m a functional learner, so it’s easiest for me to remember that affect is usually used as a verb, whereas effect is usually used as a noun. The following examples illustrate this common usage: The […]