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Transitional Words and Phrases: Keeping your ideas together and preparing your reader for what’s next

Imagine a world where only abrupt transitions took place. Imagine, when a change took place, you didn’t have time to prepare or even think about it. For example, imagine the following: Wednesday morning you and your spouse find out you’re having a baby. Wednesday night, the baby is here. There was no nine months of […]

That and Which: Interchangeable or Not?

Many writers use the words that and which interchangeably – as if they mean the same thing or tackle the same task within a written work. While either may sound correct within a body of words, it is important to understand the role each word plays. Take a look at the following table and discover […]

Connecting Ideas with a Semicolon (;)

The semicolon (;) is a sensible punctuation mark that connects two complete sentences and forms lists. Looking at the semicolon (;), you will see it consists of a period (.) and a comma (,). Therefore, you could gather that when you reach a semicolon, you pause a bit longer than you would at a comma, […]