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American vs. British English

When editing, I often notice clients switching between American and British spellings. Below, a review of some common differences between American English (AmE) and British English (BrE): Words ending in “or” (AmE) vs. “our” (BrE) Labor, labour Favor, favour Behavior, behaviour Words ending in “ce” (AmE) vs. “se” (BrE) Offense, offence License, licence Practice (verb), […]


Often used informally or conversationally, idioms are common metaphorical expressions that convey ideas via imagery. In the right contexts, they can be a great way to enliven and familiarize your writing. A few examples: After Sharon discussed her options with Tom, it was clear that she was really on the fence about whether to move […]

Expand Your Vocab

If you’re looking to expand your vocabulary, here a few ways to start: Dictionary.com offers free email subscriptions to its word of the day feature. (Look for “Get Word of the Day” and “Free Email Sign Up” on the sidebar.) Merriam-Webster also offers word of the day emails and podcasts. (Scroll down to find “Subscribe […]