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Hows and Whys of “Whether”

Whether is a conjunction used to introduce two alternatives, one of which may be implied, as in: Whether we go out or dine in, we are sure to have a pleasant evening. Regardless of whether she likes it, she will have to read it. I wonder whether it will rain today. Sometimes, “whether” is followed […]

Setting the Right Tone in Academic Papers

How to set the proper tone in academic writing? Certain words are standard, while others should be avoided. Some standard (and generally interchangeable) terms are: Examined, considered, studied, explored Nordlund examined the effects of … Nordlund considered the effects of … Nordlund studied the effects of … Nordlund explored the effects of … Association, relationship, […]

Transitional Words and Phrases: Keeping your ideas together and preparing your reader for what’s next

Imagine a world where only abrupt transitions took place. Imagine, when a change took place, you didn’t have time to prepare or even think about it. For example, imagine the following: Wednesday morning you and your spouse find out you’re having a baby. Wednesday night, the baby is here. There was no nine months of […]