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Gerunds are nominal forms of verbs (i.e. forms of verbs that act as nouns) that end in “ing”. They are used to indicate action or state of being. Gerunds often appear as subjects: Flying is frightening. Walking quickly to the store was out of the question, so we drove. Spending time with friends is as […]

“If” Clauses

There are three types of “if” clauses – or “conditionals”. Conditionals present conditions under which certain things are possible, to varying degrees. One class of “if” clauses sets up conditions that are relatively likely to be realized: If James takes a nap, he’ll have the energy he needs to run a mile. (where “he’ll” = […]

More Idioms

I recently shared a very popular post on idioms. Here, some more expressions, with examples and explanations: Instead of going pro, Clair took an athletic scholarship from the University of Michigan because she wanted the best of both worlds – to be an athlete and a scholar. (While most people can only live in one […]