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“That” vs. “Which”

“That” is a restrictive, or defining, pronoun, meaning (basically) that it is used in definitional contexts: This is the hat that I wore to the wedding. Here, “that I wore to the wedding” is a restrictive clause introduced by the restrictive pronoun “that”. The restrictive clause defines the hat as the one worn to the […]

Using Examples Well

What’s great about examples are their specificity. That said, I see a surprising number of papers that mention unnamed references or name specific books, movies, articles – and not their authors. When giving examples of scholarly works of pieces of art, be sure to include at least: the name of the work and the name […]

American vs. British English

When editing, I often notice clients switching between American and British spellings. Below, a review of some common differences between American English (AmE) and British English (BrE): Words ending in “or” (AmE) vs. “our” (BrE) Labor, labour Favor, favour Behavior, behaviour Words ending in “ce” (AmE) vs. “se” (BrE) Offense, offence License, licence Practice (verb), […]