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Grammar Guts – Test Yourself!

Fill in the blank with the correct form of the verb provided (answers below). For example: Question: _______ taken half a day _____ the museums, we ______ that we had little time left for ___________ around the rest of the city. (to have; to see; to find; to walk) Answer: Having taken half a day […]

Each, Every, Either, Neither

Distributive adjectives are normally used with singular nouns. They include “each”, “every”, “either”, and “neither” and are used to refer to members of a group as individuals. For example, the sentence, “The group received informational brochures before beginning its tour” does not specify whether all the group’s members received brochures. Rather, this is conveyed by […]


Gerunds are nominal forms of verbs (i.e. forms of verbs that act as nouns) that end in “ing”. They are used to indicate action or state of being. Gerunds often appear as subjects: Flying is frightening. Walking quickly to the store was out of the question, so we drove. Spending time with friends is as […]