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Proper use of the words your/you’re and whose/who’s

In the English language many words sound the same but have a different meaning or spelling. Two examples that are frequently misused are the words your/you’re and whose/who’s. In this sentence “Here is your hat” your is used correctly. But if the sentence read, “I like how your dressed” it would be incorrect. The correct word would be “I like how you’re dressed.” When in doubt, say out loud the words. You’re is a contraction of you are.

The same rule applies to the words whose/who’s. In the sentence “Whose hat is this?” Whose is used correctly. However, “Whose going to the store?” would not be correct. The correct usage would be “Who’s going to the store?” In other words, “Who is going to the store?” Again, saying the words aloud without the contraction will help in remembering the proper use.

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