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Curriculum Vitae

If you need to create a curriculum vitae (which can also be called a “cv”) you basically need to make a more in-depth version of a resume. The term “curriculum vitae” is Latin and it literally means “course of life”- people who ask to see your curriculum vitae want to see what you’ve accomplished in your life! In comparison to a resume, the curriculum vitae is generally longer, as you want to include more information besides your work and educational background. All the resume information should be there- contact information, schools attended, past jobs, etc. For academic curriculum vitae, you should include papers you have presented or published, professional memberships, other languages that you speak/read/write, and any awards or honors you have earned. For professional curriculum vitae, you would also want to include special projects you’ve worked on or managed. Be as specific as possible; that way, your reader can get to know your “course of life”!

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