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Affect vs. Effect

Here is a comparative study of the homonyms—affect and effect.

is a verb is a noun
It means “to influence,” “going to happen,”  “to set off a consequence,” etc It means “a result of,”
It must be pronounced with an “a” (as in, “a” for apple, arrow, ate, ant,  etc) It must be pronounced with an “e” (as in “e” for eagle, eat, eager, etc)
The trick is to remember “Affect” as something that will happen to bring about an affect. The trick is to remember “effect” as something that has happened because of the affect of something.
Therefore, affect is followed by effect. Therefore, effect is the consequence of an affect.
Examples for “affect:” Examples for “effect:”
The medicine affects the kidney. The effect of the medicine on the kidney was encouraging.
The poison affected the roots of the plant. In effect, the roots of the plant got burnt.
Moonrise affects the waves and tides. The high waves and tides are the effect of moonrise.
The nuclear deal between the two countries affected their otherwise cordial relationship. The effect of the nuclear deal impacted the relationship between the two countries.
What affected her throat?

The water affected her throat.

What was the effect of the water on her throat?

The effect of the water on her throat was fatal.

Can be used in phrases like “after-effect,” “side-effect,” “with effect from,” etc.
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