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What is a “thesis statement”?

Have you heard your teacher ever talk about the “thesis statement” of your paper? He or she is simply referring to the main point of your paper or the main argument: what are trying to say in your writing? Remember that many of your writing assignments might require you to argue something and then support your argument with evidence. For example, if your assignment is to write about dogs, your thesis or argument could be: “everyone in the world should own a dog.” OR, it might be “Dogs are dangerous, and no one should own them as pets.” In these two examples, you can argue one side and then use the rest of the paper to support your claim. This is much stronger than simply writing about dogs in general.

The First Sentence

When you write a paper, it is a good idea to start the paper with an interesting first sentence. What is a good way to do this? You could use a quotation from another source that relates to your topic (for example: if your paper is about candy, you could say, Hershey’s founder Milton S. Hershey once said, “One is only happy in proportion as he makes others feel happy”). You could also use a statistic provided by another source (for example: According to The Hershey Company, about 2 billion people eat candy daily). Finally, and this can be a little difficult to accomplish, you can start the paper with a personal story about yourself or about someone else (known as an “anecdote”)…of course, the story should relate to your topic! These are just three ways to catch your reader’s attention and strengthen your writing techniques. Good luck!

Writing a Resume

So you are applying for a job or submitting school applications and you want to include your resume. That is a great idea! But do you know what to put on your resume and what to avoid? First of all, make sure you include current contact information (your phone number, email address, etc.) in case they need to contact you. Also, you want to list your education (highest level of education as well as your current school) and employment history. If it is relevant, you can also list any academic, professional, or social clubs you belong to as well as any awards you have received for your work. What to avoid when you are making/designing your resume: you do not want a resume that is too long. As a basic rule, you should limit your resume to about 2 pages.  Many people make the mistake of listing every single job they have ever had, and this can make the resume very long.  You should mainly list jobs or experiences that relate to the job or position you are applying for. Basically, if you want a job in accounting, you don’t need to include your one summer of flipping burgers at McDonald’s!